Agricultural and Fishery Features


Under the supervision of the Toucheng Township Farmers’ Association Production and Marketing Team, sweet guavas are produced and cultivated on the sandy gravel soil along the Town’s coastline. The Pacific Ocean’s salty water mist which blows all year round and the obstruction of the Snow Mountain Range, the natural mixed energy of the mountains and the sea sinks on the orchards where the fruit trees absorb the trace elements.. It gives the  guava a unique flavor, golden and full when ripe. Its meat is white and soft, with an aromatic fruity fragrance. The best time to taste and eat it is when it is golden yellow, then it’s soft and creamy.


The Toucheng Township’s Farmers’ Association Team guides the production and marketing of the oranges produced. With an area of about 40 hectares, concentrated in the villages of Payali and Xinli, they are harvested from January to April each year. The northeast has been immersed in salt water mist for many years thus absorbed a large amount of trace elements in the soil, therefore giving these oranges its high quality. It has received a reward for first prize by the Lanyang Mandarin Orange evaluation Competition for many years. Its sweetness is reliable and suitable for gifting or personal consumption. It can be supplied by the producer at a direct discounted price.

Bamboo Shoots

Spring Showers is the last term in the 24 solar terms of the Chinese Calendar. It is the time when the bamboo shoots are at its best . Makinoi bamboo shoots fragrance is recognizable! The outer shell is black and mottled, nodes are wider and the hollow bamboo shoots are less fleshy. Because it grows very fast, it will become fibrous and inedible in a short time, Thus it is processed immediately after harvesting to preserve its freshness.

Large Hairtail fish

Besides Taiwan, Africa and Southeast Asia are the common sources of large hairtail fishes where they are frozen and exported to other countries. In Taiwan after catching the fish they are processed and cut to pieces before freezing, to preserve its freshness, nutrition and taste. Unlike the imported white hairtail and oily hairtail fishes which are cut before thawing. This is the main reason for the price difference between Taiwanese hairtail fishes and imported hairtail fishes.

Sakura Shrimps

Sakura Shrimp is transparent and pale pink when alive, and the large groups of shiny bodies resemble colorful cherry petals in the sea, so it is called Sakura Shrimp, or National Treasure Shrimp. Sakura shrimps can only be caught from the shores of Fangshan in Taiwan’s Toucheng and Donggang, while in Japan it is caught atTokyo Bay, Sagami Bay, and Suruga Bay. The delivery period in Taiwan is from November  to June of the following year. Sakura shrimps live in the scattering layer of the ocean at a depth of about 200 to 300 meters around sunrise.

Whitebait or silver fish

The Fisheries Department of the Agriculture Committee of the Executive Yuan stated that the snout larvae caught by fishermen are mainly the larvae and juveniles of a certain fish The main body length is less than 4 cm, and those with transparent body color are called “魩”; those with body color above 4 cm and gradually appear black and have silver vertical bands are called “鱙”, not all Fry of fish.

Agar agar

Plants contain a variety of algae proteins, vitamin B, carotene, unsaturated fatty acids, potassium, iron, iodine, phosphorus and other minerals. Due to the particularity of the cell structure, it is easily digested and absorbed by the human body, with a digestibility rate of 86%, that’s why frequently drinking algae beverages can improve human immunity. Chinese medicine believes that Gelidium (agar aga)  is sweet and salty. It has a cold and slippery nature, it also has the effect of lowering heat and has a detoxing property and can be used to treat enteritis and goiter.

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