This rest area is the only recreational agricultural area in Taiwan that covers agriculture and fishery in one. The focus of promotion is to combine the mountain, the sea and fishing experience to let the tourists understand deeply its local characteristics. The long and narrow base surrounded by the coastline and mountain topography is simple and scenic. Fishing village style, rural landscape, rocky shores, sandy beaches scenery and terrain landscape. The Waiao Beach in Toucheng Township has become the focus of recreation in recent years. Every summer, it attracts a large number of people to play in the water, like surfing and other activities, so with the tourist information service center, it gives full play to the best benefits of serving tourists and promoting local industries.

Taking the development of recreational agriculture and fishery in Toucheng Township’s waterfront and agricultural areas as the main theme. By using the existing resources of local agriculture and fishery, mountains and seascapes, and promoting the transformation of local traditional agriculture and fishery industries through the “three  lives :” or main points;  Product, Life and Ecology. Integrating the characteristics of the agricultural and fishery industry and landscape ecological resources in the coastal area of