Fishing Harbor Location

Wushih Fishing Harbor

Wushih Fishing Harbor was officially opened in the sixth year of Daoguang in the Qing Dynasty in China(1826 AD). Due to the prosperous foreign trade, the Qing Dynasty set up forts, customs and garrisons here, which has a profound historical significance. It was once the largest harbor in Yilan County. In 1991, the government rebuilt Wushih Harbor into a large-scale ocean-going fishing harbor and maritime tourism base. In 1999, it set up a holiday sightseeing fish market and transformed the Wushih Fishing  Harbor into a diversified sightseeing fishing harbor. Today, the sea off Yilan County is quite a famous whale watching place, Wushi Fishing Harbor has also become one of the harbors where many whale watching boats enter and exit.

Gengfang Harbor

The Gengfang Fishing Harbor is located directly opposite to Turtle Island. It is mainly used to reclaim the abundant plankton in the waters near the Turtle Island. Among them, the fishing nets are used to catch whitebait fish or silver fish, white hairtail fish and mackerel. At 3 in the afternoon daily, it is when the small fishing harbor is at its busiest, the boaters are coming into the harbor where fishes are plentiful. Many fishmongers gather in the square of the harbor area, selling all kinds of fresh fish caught that day, and auctioning them with many merchants present, showing an interesting trading image. Next time you visit here, get off the train at Gengfang Fishing Harbor nearby train station, shop for fresh fish, and taste some local Lanyang-style delicacies.

Daxi Fishing Harbor

Daxi Fishing Harbor is famous in the County for fresh seafood, which is delicious and savory. The main fish product is “Taiwan’s small shrimp”, followed by red snapper, eel, large hairtail fish, pacific rudderfish, small octopus, crabs, white bee  products  are sold here like  XO shrimp paste and others. They  provide tourists with diversified products to choose  in  a large scale variety. 

Dali Fishing Harbor

Dali Fishing Harbor is located at Dali Village Toucheng Township, Yilan County, only a few kilometers away from Daxi Fishing Harbor.It was constructed by blasting and digging rock disks between coastal reefs and land. It was built from 1958 to 1980, with a total berth of approximately 2,000 square meters and a wharf of 143 meters; the first phase of the seven-year fishing harbor construction plan in Taiwan with an investment of NT$37 million. An additional 2,700 square meters of berthing area, 208 meters of wharves, and 141 meters of breakwaters have been invested. The water depth of the breakwaters of the port has reached -9 meters. Due to the high construction cost, it is not easy to improve the area.

Shihcheng Fishing Harbor

Shihcheng Fishing Harbor is the northernmost harbor in Yilan County. The harbor area is surrounded by rocks and is small and can only be seen at a glance. Because the entrance is hidden it is like a quiet little world. The quaint stone-built low houses, fishing boats or few anglers. Time seems to freeze here. Shicheng Harbor is rich in fishery resources. The fishermen have set up nets in the open sea, and they are permanently fixed at the places where the fish migrate. The nets are harvested every year during the typhoon season and the time to repair the fishing gears. The fishermen’s nets at the harbor are visibly seen.