Leisure Farms

Toucheng Leisure Farm

Toucheng Leisure Farm uses agricultural production, natural ecology, and rural culture resources to provide domestic and foreign tourists with leisure and recreation, besides  personal experience of agriculture in the countryside. It can make you feel like you are in the countryside. It can be said to be Taiwan’s “paradise on earth” “…..

-Living into the past, natural and simple, but full of vitality, like going back to “grandma’s house”, play lively and happily, and feel the emotion of a “free and fruitful harvest.”

Beiguan Leisure Farm

Beiguan Recreational Farm is located at Xinhua Village (formerly known as Gengfang), Toucheng Township, Yilan County,which is  close to the coastal road for about 1 km. It is a natural ecological farm leaning against the mountain and the sea. It has a vast area and orchards.. The unique bay scenery, several clear springs and streams from the Snow Mountain Range flow through this place all  year round, making Beiguan a natural butterfly valley, which contains a rich variety of animals and plants, allowing you to be in nature under his  embrace. It is more full of interest in life and leaves you with  a happy and unforgettable idyllic holiday.

Cangjiu Winery

The Cangjiu Winery uses the mountains and the seas as elements and water as the protagonist to develop wine and vinegar series. In the future, we will develop diversified products such as sauce, anka, and  cosmetics.. 

Abandoning the convenience and speed of industrialization and scientificization, the Winery insists on going back to traditional hand-manufacturing, and does not allow a single link of negligence. It comes from time and a long wait is necessary. It insists on guarding all that is cherished, and can only go one step at a time. In their own way.