Scenic Hot Spots

Turtle Mountain Island Whale Watching

The 2 to 3 seas near the Turtle Mountain Island are shallow and flat. Many schools of fishes gather here. This not only makes Turtle Mountain Island one of the three largest fishing grounds in Taiwan, it is also a major whale watching spot. Species of whales and dolphins appear in the waters of the Island There are as many as 17 species, the numbers are  also very impressive. Present are mainly spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, orca calves and adult orcas. They not only will  jump out of the sea, but also play hide-and-seek with the passing fishing boats from time to time. The best season to view them is from April to the end of September. Interested tourists should not miss it. The main ferry terminal to Turtle Mountain Island is Toucheng Wushih Harbor.

King Car Castle Café

King Car Castle Cafe has a Castle Coffee at the Waiao Forestry Park. This cafe on the top of Waiao Mountain which was built like a European castle, it’s very beautiful indeed!  And you can view the infinite beauty of Turtle Mountain Island from here. While drinking coffee you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery. It’s  really a great enjoyment of life. Its unique architecture is prominent on the top of the mountain and  has become an obvious landmark of Waiao in Toucheng Township, Yilan County.

Wai ao Paragliding

Soaring high is no longer just a dream! After a run-up from the Waiao parachute base, kick your feet hard, and instantly fly high through the sea breeze, and  look down.

At your feet is the boundless Pacific Ocean, and you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lanyang Plain and Turtle Mountain Island from a distance!

Wai ao Sand beach

The  Waiao of Toucheng Township, is a flat beach which is  just north of Wushih Harbor.

, The snow-white waves hit the shore in waves, sparkling under the sun; where the view of Turtle Mountain Island is faintly visible. What a limitless beauty! In addition to playing in the waves, there are also extreme sports which combine excitement, skill, and difficulty, such as paragliding, surfing and other activities that require courage. Come to Toucheng Waiao beach, go up to the sky or go down to the sea, a three-dimensional sport awaits you, to your own choosing.

Beiguan Haichao Park

There are many single-sided mountains or cuesta, tofu rocks, and small capes along the northeastern corner of Toucheng Township Yilan County. Beiguan is the largest and most dangerous single-sided mountain with neatly-shaped tofu rocks nearby. , And the small capes with small winds and flat waves, they become a special natural landscape, which has been turned into Beiguan Haichao Park by the Northeast Management Office. Beiguan Park, also known as Lancheng Park, it is a park with a magnificent landscape, located in Toucheng GengXin Village, Yilan County.

Lanyang Museum

The meaning of the emblem of the Lanyang Museum is to convey: “the harmonious coexistence of man and nature” and “the association between man and history”. At the beginning of the design, after a group of Yilan museum experts, literary and historical scholars, natural ecology teachers, local painters, CIS designers, and county officials, and other people, they discussed and resolved, that the Kavalan Tribe best expressed the above meaning,  so, it was selected. Traditional woodcut human totems of the  Lan people. In addition, the emblem of the Lanyang Museum also contains another meaning:  In the process of building the Lanyang Museum, countless people from all walks of life have made their best efforts to make this museum open to the public. The small human totem also contains a deep respect for these people.