Special Diners

WuSheng Harbor Kitchen

Wusheng Harbor is an unfamiliar and extraordinary harbor at the beach of Waiao, Toucheng Township. From the ocean to the dining table, it creates a narrative space that touches the ocean of Yilan County. Combining dining and local culture, it reminds people to return to the simple original flavor of food and humanities. Health is the most fundamental taste buds and sharing the natural, artistic and cultural scenery that Yilan County people are most proud of. Listening to the waves. Treading the waves. Picking up fun. Early adopters. This is an element close to ocean life. Wandering in a soft atmosphere, and let you and me enter the realm of dreams. Find food and fun in the food culture, bring the delicious, tasty and colorful  food on the plate, and start the enjoyment of your five senses!

Yi Kitchen

Yi Kitchen is a seafood restaurant located at the port side of Wushi Harbor in Toucheng Township, Yilan County.

The boss has always insisted on the freshness of seafood ingredients and the preparation of the dishes. The seafood catches are fished through the fishing boat. They are not casual, so even the diners who come here can leave satisfied.

Our restaurant wholeheartedly welcomes guests who love fresh seafood or delicious special dishes to come and dine, and you will not be disappointed!

Xinfu No.36 Seafood Restaurant

You can choose a more environmentally friendly way of dining. Our small fishing boat named “Xinfu  No. 36″ is located right in front of the Wushih Harbor Environmental Education Center. It leaves the harbor every day to catch fresh fish ashore. “Xingfu No. 36” alive seafood is delivered directly to the restaurant in less than 2 minutes~

Four Seasons Mainstream Banquet

To be able to look at the sea, is romantic

To be able to enjoy the food with the scenery in front of you, is a blessing.

Here, you can slow down the pace of life and temporarily forget about the disturbances of the city life. Haiyu Four Seasons Mainstream Banquet will share with you the harvest from our own fishing boat.

Red Crab Seafood Restaurant

I have been operating this homestay for more than ten years. Many returning guests and friends love the environment here. I want friends from Wai ao to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Ocean  and enjoy the food prepared at the proprietress’  private kitchen.

Red Crab Seafood Restaurant

The Red Crab Seafood Restaurant occupies an area of 100 square meters, with a convenient parking space and a trail opposite to the Waiao Beach. We only use the fresh local fish from Yilan County as our cooking ingredients. Through the chef’s creativity and skill, the “fresh and seasonal” seafood ingredients are made into local seafood dishes one by one, and the original taste of the food is maintained by the original cooking method. Committed to the business idea of “affordable”, you can enjoy the most authentic and delicious seafood dishes at affordable prices that are acceptable. So that every customer who comes to dine here can have the feeling of “good cuisine” when they leave.

Wushih Harbor Fresh Seafood Restaurant

Adjacent to Wushih Harbor is a local seafood Diner. Fresh ingredients are used coupled with the chef’s sophisticated cooking skills to introduce delicious dishes. In addition to hot dishes, Yilan County’s unique ingredients are also included in the menu, so that visitors to Toucheng Township can also taste the local delicacies of Yilan County. The kindness of the Diner’s service staff will add to the pleasant atmosphere of your dining experience.

Come and Dine Diner

A bright and comfortable dining environment with diversified compound style stir-fry, color, fragrance and taste. Stir your taste buds!

Wushih Harbor Traditional Ice Cream Shop

Adhering to the appeal of freshness, healthy and tasty ice cream, we only select fresh natural fruits and vegetables from all over Taiwan. Full of flavor, without cutting corners, without subtracting materials, made with the extraction and seed removal of the sweet guava to make sweet guava ice cream, a specialty of local farmers in Toucheng Township. It is our exclusive signature ice product with an enticing guava aroma. It is a must-eat delicacy when visiting Kang and Ao Harbors. Red dragon fruit (Pitaya) ice cream is also a favorite. Of course, the popular taro ice cream, peanut, red bean, mango, passion fruit, strawberry, milk, and chocolate ice creams are also available. You can choose from more than ten flavors including Qingbing (sweet) flavor There is also a traditional ice cream push cart at the Kang and Ao Harbors, waiting for you to follow her trail!

Drifter's Pizza Pub

Each hand shakes out an incomplete Italian handmade pizza, paired with special notes, beer and live music! A secret base where you can forget your troubles. It’s not the seaside of the city. Walking on the coastal road in Yilan County, Waiao Village, I am too hungry after surfing the waves and playing in the water, and I am thirsty too. I really want to have a beer right away! One building is very attractive, especially bright, with the sound of music and joy, accompanied by the sound of trains, a seaside pizzeria stands beside the road, where there are pizza, bartending, beer and live Band playing.

No. 9 Coffee Shop

No. 9 Cafe at the Beach only uses selected Arabica beans and high-quality manor single-product beans. It serves freshly cooked meals and Lanyang freshly brewed draft beer daily. Customers can expect to enjoy the best quality and freshly prepared meals.

Waiao Pavilion is the No. 9 coffee flagship store, located at Waiao Beach, Toucheng Township, Yilan County. Opposite the Turtle Mountain Island,where  there is a wetland beach along which is unique for tourists to take a walk and enjoy the scenery. In addition to serving coffee, the store also offers freshly-made light meals. Customers can enjoy delicious fresh-cooked meals under the sunshine by the beach.