Surfing Equipment for Rent

Hungbig Surf Club

Hungda Surf Club is located at the surfing resort of Wushih Harbor, Beidi surfing area, Yilan County. We serve and teach surfing here to allow friends who are interested in surfing activities. We have several years of experience in surfing. Thousands of people come to the surfing mecca of Wushih Harbor Beidi surfing area every year to experience Surfing activities.

Super George Surf Taiwan

George’s surfing is a professional surf  learning classroom, teaching surfing for the 8th year. Over the years, we have helped many people who want to learn surfing. During this period, George Surfing has continuously obtained various surfing international licenses, has continued to compete so as  to improve itself, and has experiences in long and short board SUP surfing teaching. We share our own experiences with all students, and constantly update the teaching content every year. For us there is no best, only better!

Blue Ocean Surf Shop

“Lanyang” is the same sound  as “Lanyang” , the old name of Yilan County. We provide a high-quality environment with an enthusiasm for surfing so that everyone can get closer to the surfing experience. It also holds international large-scale competitions every year and invites internationally renowned surfers to perform and observe the competition.

In recent years, in addition to promoting surfing it has also cooperated with disadvantaged groups to jointly promote barrier-free public welfare surfing experience activities, so that disadvantaged groups who are generally inaccessible to surfing activities can also remove obstacles and swim in the blue ocean and white waves like ordinary people. Lanyang’s senior instructors went to the Australian Professional Surfing Institute (ASI) to obtain an internationally certified surf instructor license.

Surfella Surfing

We arrange surf lessons according to the highest safety standards. We can arrange the class time according to your schedule, and arrange surf lessons according to the height and age of the students. It has completely tailored surf lessons. Our surfing instructors have licenses and had more than 7 years of surfing teaching experience. They can practice surfing in the waist-deep water, and those who cannot swim, they can  also experience the fun of surfing.

Taiwan Professional Surfing School

This is an American style surfing teaching school.

Your first experience is to  stimulate the senses and understand nature,

You can also realize your surfing dream learned from a professional surfing instructor!

Most people think that surfing is a very difficult sport, so there are many viewers but few partakers, but the courage to take risks and the energy to take risks is the best challenge for young people.

G-Cool Surf Taiwan

G-Cool Surf Taiwan is operated by Brother Ge and Sister Yu who are the locals who love the culture of this land and love the ocean as well as outdoor leisure activities. 

Because it has a very local, professional and diversified service, it helps the foreign tourists to save a lot of travel troubles, making travel easier and deeper into the local culture. After years of professional management, it has become the cradle of surfing novices, and has nurtured many people’s dreams of surfing. And professional surfing lesson has given many  happy experiences and memories of riding on the wave board for the first time in the process of beginner.

Johnny Rose Surf School

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