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The Waiao Beach in Toucheng Township, Yilan County has become the focus of recreation in recent years. Every summer, it attracts a large number of people to play in the water and surf. The Waiao Station was originally the Taiwan Railway Unmanned Station Tourism Bureau, through continuous research and discussion, the National Scenic Area Management Office will build the Waiao Railway Station into a sightseeing station with tourism and guide functions. Between the association and relevant authorities such as the town office and the northeast center. After the reconstruction of the Waiao Station, the New  Kang and Ao Recreation Agriculture and Fishery District Development Association will adopt and assume the responsibility of operation and management. In addition to maintaining the original waiting function, it is added In this case, the tourist advisory service center will be used to give full play to the best benefits of serving tourists and promoting local industries.

Service provider
◎Toucheng Township Yilan County, New Gang and Ao Recreational Agriculture and Fisheries Development Association
Service Content:
◎Provide leisure agriculture and fishery and tourist attractions
◎Provide tourists’ leisure, agriculture and fishery souvenirs, guide center
◎Provide luggage storage for incoming tourists
◎No.273, Section 2, Waiao Village, Binhai Road, Toucheng Town, Yilan County
Contact number: 03-9775247
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Wai ao Service Area

  Service Area was originally the south entrance of the Northeast Point Scenic Area. After the management office officially expanded its jurisdiction and changed its name to the “Northeast Point and Yilan County Coast National Scenic Area”, it became a relay point. In August  2008, the Waiao Service Area was officially established The building was designed by the famous architect Yao Renxi. It faces Turtle Mountain Island and has a wetland beach in front. It is uniquely planned for tourists who want to take a stroll and enjoy the scenery. This building is novel in shape and has multiple images (like paragliders, boats..etc.), you might as well experience it for yourself. The yellow exterior wall lining contrasts the blue sky and the sea, attracting  the attention of numerous tourists.

The Northeast Management Office will beautify the existing shabby seawall as a trail. Whenever the golden sea comes into view in the morning, you can admire the beautiful scenery of the Turtle Mountain Island, the sunrise, the turtle “wearing a hat” scene, etc. B&Bs have sprung up, and there is a paragliding base on the nearby mountain top. Surfing and banana boat activities on the beach has become a new nice place for land, sea and air activities.

There is a shop next to Waiao Beach that provides surfing instructions and visitors can experience the thrill of running through the waves. In addition, beside the road behind Waiao Beach, you can see that the paragliders are gradually flying into the air. With the airflow, they fly from side to side and gradually descend. If you want to see the entire coastline of Waiao, you can try to take a paraglider to the sky and look down. It is spectacular indeed!

Wushih Harbor Visitor Center

The Wushih Harbor Visitor Center at Toucheng Township, Yilan County is located about 15 minutes drive north from Toucheng Interchange of the National Highway No. 5. It is rated as one of the top ten classic fishing ports in the country by the Taiwan Fisheries Department. It is also an important base for blue roads and marine leisure activities. Its functions are to provide tourists the chance to go to Turtle Mountain Island for boarding and sea tourism services, as well as consultation and leisure services for visitors to Yilan County.

The Wushih Harbor Visitor Center has a unique shape, and its exterior looks like a large sail-masted ship anchored at Wushih Harbor. Its architecture and interior display were all planned and designed by the internationally renowned architect Su Yuzhe. In terms of the design concept, it expresses the old river and the special geographical location of today’s seaport intersection adopting  the “transparent box” design concept to achieve the visual function of connecting the river and the sea. There are translucent color images floating in the transparent box, telling the evolving elegance of Wushih Harbor and the special landscape of Turtle Mountain Island. The line of sight passes through the glass, and the transparent image is superimposed with the infinitely extending horizontal field of vision, making the experience of visiting no longer like looking at traditional light boxes, show windows, and explanatory signs in a darkened room.

There are also two steel rain shelters flying above the transparent box, suspended by five pairs of inclined columns. These two rain shelters are like hat brims, which keep people’s eyes low, making the landscape in front of the eye look like a wide-format photo, which further strengthens the visual experience of the endless landscape. If you take a boat trip in Wushi Harbor and look back at the visitor center on land, it is like another boat anchored in the port. From a distance, you can see the towering masts, where people who love the sea and nature come together.